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The Art of Delicious

Mouth-Watering Content

Whether you need great content for social media, your website, or online menus, photos and video of your menu items must be mouth-watering.  The must be shareable, likable, and they have to convert people into customers. 

As the former owner of an award-winning restaurant (Little Sparrow in Santa Ana), I know the challenges of creating lots of great content.


Popular Services

New Menu Items

When you have a bunch of new menu items, are opening a new restaurant,  or simple need a lot of content for your voracious social media feed. 

I can do everything from shooting plated dishes on simple backgrounds to much more complex and styled shots.

Make Us Look Awesome!

Social Media demands a high-volume of fresh new content showcasing your product. We can create gorgeous top-down videos, photography, shots of your establishment, and amazing clips of your employees and customers in action.

Social Media 

We can handle your entire social media account – from posting to promoting on the various platforms, to helping you understand what is working and whats not.

What to Expect

  • Call us get all your questions answered.
  • If we have enough info at this point, we can give you a price quote.
  • Book it! You say go and we start working. 
  • We’ll coordinate the entire shoot, bring all the equipment, and make it happen.
  • Depending on how many shots you’re getting, it can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks to sort, edit, and deliver all of your content. We can deliver them all at once, or as we finish each piece (if you’re in a hurry to get going).  

Let’s Go!