Packaged Food Products

Create The Moment

Mouth-Watering Recipes For Your Products

Food-related products need premium photos, videos, and recipes to temp customers to buy online or in a store.

I can do everything from developing original recipes featuring your product to creating drippingly delicious lifestyle photos and video.

Popular Services

New Product Launch

Launching new products can require a lot of  fresh content aimed right at your target audience. We can coordinate everything from simple shot on white to complex lifestyle shoots.

Recipe Development

Recipes – and cooking them – that feature your product and make it look awesome require not just an intimate knowledge of food, but of your audience and what makes them hungry.  

We can create recipes for one or all of your products, for just photography or for creating step-by-step dishes that will get customers cooking.

Social Media 

We can handle your entire social media account – from posting to promoting on the various platforms, to helping you understand what is working and what’s not.

Sometimes it’s just about providing your Social Media Team with a trusted partner that can routinely deliver great content.


What to Expect

  • Call us get all your questions answered.
  • If we have enough info at this point, we can give you a price quote.
  • Book it! You say go and we start working. 
  • We’ll coordinate the entire shoot and make it happen.
  • Depending on how many shots you’re getting, it can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks to sort, edit, and deliver all of your content. We can deliver them all at once, or as we finish each piece (if you’re in a hurry to get going).  

Let’s Go!